Health Infrastructure Improvement and Renovation

Infrastructure Improvement and Renovation of Health Facilities

We believe that Hospital renovations should address real challenges to improve working conditions for staff, and patients. Infrastructure improvement presents opportunities to improve care that is offered at the healthcare facility and secondly it presents opportunities to expand the services that are offered.

The advantages of health infrastructure improvement are as follows: The risk of infection is reduced, patient care improves drastically, increase in space for workers and patients, staff moral improves, and the performance of the hospital improves. We have a wide experience in delivering small- and large-scale health infrastructure improvement projects and a wealth of experience in Hospital records management.

We provide full scale infrastructure improvement solutions ranging from: Electrical fitting and tubing, Plumbing, Carpentry, flooring, roofing, sealing, painting, paving, parking areas, patient waiting areas, IT improvement, and patient records management systems.

Prefabricated Structures for the Healthcare Sector

Most of the Healthcare Facilities in South Africa are faced with space challenges and as a result, our healthcare facilities are congested, to deal with this challenge we are providing prefabricated structures erected on a slab. These structures can be designed into mini-clinics, with consultation rooms according to the needs of the facility. The structures can be equipped with aircon, basins, UV lights for infection control, medical equipment and furniture and they serve as an extension to the facility.