Mobile Science Laboratories

Mobile science Laboratories can convert any classroom into a state-of-the-art full-scale laboratory. With the emergence of science and technology as a key to the 4th industrial revolution, we are poised to be forerunners in delivering the best value in education. The science laboratory kits are packaged in a mobile cabinet trolley. This package comes with curriculum aligned science equipment, glassware, apparatuses, chemicals and lab coats and stepwise designed experiment write-ups as well as videos. In effect, the teaching of science in its practical sense is enhanced.

The mobile science lab is designed to provide a full-scale lab teaching experience where all curriculum experiments can be performed. Science Kits provide an immediate enhancement to increased effectiveness in the teaching and learning of science in the classroom.  

The advantages of the mobile science laboratory:

  1. It is portable, lockable and can be wheeled from class to class.
  2. It serves as well needed resource for the teacher and learner in all practical subjects.
  3. It is cost effective and can be upgraded from time to time.
  4. It comes with training, videos and manuals to enhance the end user experience.
  5. It can be used off grid and as such rural schools and school in disadvantaged communities can also benefit directly from it.
  6. It improves practical performance of learners.

The range of mobile science products available are:

  1. Natural science and technology mobile laboratory
  2. Physical science mobile laboratory
  3. Life science mobile laboratory
  4. Mathematics mobile laboratory